At Enlight Minds we use a range of modalities to support the mind, body and soul, and address the things that ‘hold us back’ in both our personal or professional lives.

By utilising Coaching, NLP, Reiki, and Hypnotherapy we aim to help you to create a powerful shift in your life and to experience the deeper healing you need, to live your life to its full potential.


It’s been an amazing 7 weeks thank you Jessica Bentley-White for this wonderful insight into the chakras and how to balance/heal them … For me I’ve opened up, spoken the truth, said goodbye to the people and things that didn’t serve me, and said hello and given love to the people and things that do! 😘💖



I did this course with Jess and highly recommended it. I felt great afterwards and it has made a positive impact on my life! 



As an absolute beginner to the world of Chakras and Yoga, this course was something I thought ill just dip my toe in, test the water and see what happens. Little did I know that when I lit my first red candle and imagined roots growing from my feet that Jessica Bentley-White was about to take me on a wonderful journey of self-discovery…. This is a fantastic way to explore the many layers of yourself and your life and to regain the balance and clarity within it.