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Welcome to Chakradance

A wonderful healing modality that involves intuitive body movements that allow blocked energy to flow freely. The music is designed to match the frequency of each chakra and helps to unwind and relax into the dance.

Experience the healing power of Chakradance in a small, safe group setting. Chakradance facilitators provide a sacred and nurturing space where you can surrender to your own experiences, become more in tune with your chakra system and use these dynamic moving meditations to activate your own inner healing.

Watch this introductory video to get a feel for what to expect in a class….

Chakradance classes and workshops are usually held in a darkened room, lit only by candle-light. In this ‘sacred space’ we begin to transition from our outer, everyday life, into our rich inner, imaginative world. It is from here that our deep inner healing is activated.

In each Chakradance class or workshop, your Facilitator will guide you into your own experience of each chakra using specific music, guided visualisations, mandala art-making and dynamic moving meditations.

Dancing the seven chakras is like dancing into seven different inner landscapes, each with its own lessons, meanings and stories. We explore our instincts, sexuality, and power, how we love and communicate, our intuition and our spirituality.

*Due to Coronavirus, classes will be arranged once it is safe to do so.

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Chakradance is recognized by the International Institute for Complementary Therapists as a healing modality, and Chakradance Pty Ltd is an IICT Approved Training Provider.