Reiki Level 1 or First Degree is where your journey with Reiki begins.

Reiki is a wonderful healing modality and if there was ever a time to utilise this powerful tool, it is now. We need to be strengthening our immune system and Reiki is a brilliant way of healing the blocks that lower our immune systems and that cause us to feel depleted.

Everyone has Reiki energy within them, it’s our universal life force energy, but like muscles, we have to train them or we don’t get as much out of them…



Traditionally Reiki follows a step-by-step process passing through the First and Second Degrees, then the Master Practitioner & Teacher level. 

The level 1 course will give you an introduction to the philosophy , history, and theory of Reiki, and includes many practical exercises to boost your confidence in using Reiki.

The course will cover: 

  • Attunements to start the flow of Reiki energy
  • How to “tune-in” to Reiki

  • The Reiki history

  • The philosophy behind Reiki

  • What is healing?

  • What is energy?

  • See, feel, and work with Auras

  • The Chakra system

  • Energy cleansing techniques

  • The 12 hand positions

  • How to conduct a Reiki self treatment

  • How to give a Reiki treatment to others

  • Treating pets and animals

  • Treating plants and inanimate objects

  • Giving Reiki to situations

  • Simple steps to meditate

  • Breathing techniques

  • The 5 Reiki Principles

At the end of the course, you will feel the flow of Reiki, and be able to give treatments to family and friends, as well as using it for yourself. 



Join us in October to take your first step and learn Reiki level 1.

The sessions will be held via Zoom in 4 x 90min blocks and the attunements will be held during the last session. The attunements will be done remotely but you will also learn how to attune yourself so that you can tap in, in your own time.

Wednesday 14th October 18.00-19.30

Wednesday 21st October  18.00-19.30

Wednesday 28th October  18.00-19.30

Wednesday 4th November 18.00-19.30

This course is being offered at our ‘Lockdown’ rate of £85 (Normally £135) saving you £50

Once your payment has been received, you will get an invitation to the Zoom meeting with a password. All sessions will be recorded and shared at the end of the programme.

Energy goes where energy is needed, and distant Reiki has been practiced for thousands of years, but there is a lot to be gained from face-to-face Reiki, so when we are allowed to meet in groups again, I am offering a FREE catch up day where we can get together and practise Reiki on each other.