Your people are your greatest asset, so it makes sense to invest in your workforce.

When you have diverse employees who feel well, engaged and included, they are more likely to perform better and stay with you for longer. Also, you stand a better chance of recruiting top talent, as more and more people consider the values and people policies of businesses before they apply for jobs.

Enlight Minds provides training to help organisations promote acceptance, respect and teamwork, where difference and variety is valued and celebrated, creating a diverse and inclusive environment that centres around thriving employees.

We help your organisation to:

  • improve the confidence and self-esteem of staff
  • involve all voices, opinions and ideas
  • encourage people to express themselves freely at work
  • build and maintain good relationships across the organisation
  • improve engagement, creativity and productivity
  • reduce stress and work-related illness
  • improve recruitment and retention

These courses are available tailored for the following sectors:


Education – schools and colleges

 Charities and voluntary organisations


We offer:


Choose from a selection of workshops designed to raise awareness and begin the conversations on hot topics such as;

  • Mental Health Awareness and Self Care Practices…read more
  • Gender Equality… read more
  • LGBT+ Awareness and good practices…read more
  • Equality and Diversity Training…  read more

Managers Training 

These training sessions are designed to focus on the strategic development of the workforce and support managers to carry their role with confidence.

Choose from;

  • Strategy and Policy Writing for Managers – develop a diversity and mental health policy… read more
  • Mental Health for Managers – tips and advice for supporting and sign posting… read more
  • Coaching Tools for Managers – support staff to achieve their goals and remove limiting beliefs… read more

Organisational Development Programs 

Our 3 to 12 month programs include a series of workshops and courses from the above lists and will also include mentoring for staff and executive coaching for managers.

This option is designed to take an organisation-wide approach to support change management and create a new diverse culture… read more