A 7-Week Chakra Cleanse to remove energetic debris and rebalance your energy. You will feel like your life falls back into place…

Everyday situations cause us to have blocks in our energy centres (chakras) and these manifest in disturbances in our bodies and in our lives. Through energy work and chakra cleansing, we can remove these blocks and allow energy to flow more freely. This creates positive changes in our health, wealth, relationships, self-worth and much more…

By committing to this 7-week healing programme, you will explore each of the chakras, gain an understanding of what is causing your ‘blocks’, and where you are losing energy, and be able to maintain the balance of your chakras with clearer guidance and insight.

This is an online course that you do in your own time and at your own pace.

I have added a weekly schedule for you to follow if you want to, but you also have the flexibility to do it in your own time and to come back to anything you may need to work on again.

Once you have bought your ticket, you will be sent a link to a private Facebook group for you to join. You will be accepted into the group within 24 hours, and you can then begin your Chakra Cleanse.

The programme costs just £45 and includes units for you to work through weekly. Each unit contains:

♥ A welcome video introducing you to the chakra of the week

♥ A short guided meditation relating to the chakra of the week

♥ A chanting meditation relating to the chakra of the week

♥ A 30-min yoga video relating specifically to the chakra of that week

♥ A reflective journal to complete for that week

♥ Inspirational posts relating to the chakra of the week

What others have said:

It’s been an amazing 7 weeks thank you Jessica Bentley-White for this wonderful insight into the chakras and how to balance/heal them … For me I’ve opened up, spoken the truth, said goodbye to the people and things that didn’t serve me, and said hello and given love to the people and things that do! 😘💖

Faye 💖

As an absolute beginner to the world of Chakras and Yoga, this course was something I thought ill just dip my toe in, test the water and see what happens. Little did I know that when I lit my first red candle and imagined roots growing from my feet that Jessica Bentley-White was about to take me on a wonderful journey of self discovery…. This is a fantastic way to explore the many layers of yourself and your life and to regain the balance and clarity within it.

Cheryl 💖

I did this course with Jess and highly recommended it. I felt great afterwards and it has made a positive impact on my life! 

Sammie 💖

To get started on your own healing journey, book now!

Only £45