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Workplace wellbeing is a key topic

65% of line managers don’t feel confident in supporting people they line manage with mental wellbeing and there has been a slow uptake of wellness programmes as employers in the UK. In general, managers have not considered it their role to improve the health and well-being of their workforce, but this can prove costly, as a minimum Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) is now £92.05 per week for up to 28 weeks totalling £2025.10 for one employee if taken in full, and court costs for unfair dismissal average £8500 and can be much higher. 

Did you know it is now the employer’s responsibility to pay SSP, and you no longer get it back from HMRC? 

There are many areas that contribute to low productivity such as; staff sickness and absence, low morale, poor performance, retention and negative environments. Mental ill-health does not equate to poor performance and some of the statistics suggest that employers are losing a lot of talented workers due to a failure to effectively manage and support mental and physical ill-health.

It’s time to invest in your staff, it makes business sense to put in a plan of preventative measures.

So what can you do:

  • Awareness training for staff around stress or mental health and how to practice self-care (£300 for half a day)
  • Training for managers on how to support their staff (£450 for half a day)
  • Wellbeing days (£695 for full days) – including besoke topics such as:

-Breathing techniques and mindfulness – Building resilience – Self-care tips – Assertiveness – Honouring emotions – Building confidence – Equality and diversity matters

This bespoke training is tailored specifically to meet the needs of your workplace and leadership needs. We will carry out an organisational needs assessment to ensure we maximise the effectiveness of the training.

The duration of training can be anywhere from two days to yearly packages which may include monthly ongoing follow up sessions.

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