> NLP for Work

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) – defined as ‘the study of excellence’ – has long been recognised as a leadership and development platform.

This on-site course is designed to give managers and leaders NLP techniques that can be added to their toolkit to further enhance their skills, and dramatically improve engagement with staff.

You will learn how to;

> Apply NLP principles to leadership and management

> Learn how to lead people in a way that meets with their individual values and drivers

> Use NLP techniques to establish and maintain rapport with all team members

> Learn a variety of tried and tested NLP techniques, including:

• Introduction to NLP
• Rapport
• Body Language
• State Management
• Sensory Acuity and Connection
• Improving Communication with Language Techniques
• The Power of Questions
• Language Patterns
• Metaphor and Stories
• Beliefs and Values
• Negotiation Technique
• Reframing


Corporate Courses:

This course is delivered in-house, over 2 days, which can be consecutive days or spread out to suit the needs of the business

The cost of this course is £2000 (up to 8 staff members)