> NLP for Work

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) – defined as ‘the study of excellence’ – has long been recognised as a leadership and development platform.

NLP techniques can be added to any managers toolkit to further enhance their skills and dramatically improve engagement with staff.

You will learn how to;

> Apply NLP principles to leadership and management

> Learn how to lead people in a way that meets with their individual values and drivers

> Use NLP techniques to establish and maintain rapport with all team members

> Learn a variety of tried and tested NLP techniques, including:

• Introduction to NLP
• Rapport
• Body Language
• State Management
• Sensory Acuity and Connection
• Improving Communication with Language Techniques
• The Power of Questions
• Language Patterns
• Metaphor and Stories
• Beliefs and Values
• Negotiation Technique
• Reframing


Open Courses:

This course is delivered over 3 days, running from Friday to Sunday, in Hertford UK.

The cost of this course is £550 per person

Corporate Courses:

This course is delivered on-site, over 3 days, which can be consecutive days or spread out to suit the needs of the business

The cost of this course is £550 per person (min 4 people – discounts available for bookings of more than 4 people)