> NLP for Public Speaking

> Have you got a presentation, speaking gig, networking event or a meeting coming up? 

>Are you finding excuses to get out of it? 

>Or have you done a presentation before and found you had shortness of breath, dry mouth and forgot what to say?? 

If so, you are not alone…

The number one fear in business is public speaking, the second is dying.  That means people would rather die than stand up in front of people and speak!!! 

I have been presenting for 12 years and this has happened to me many times.  I still get nervous before something new but that’s ok as it keeps me on my toes and I now have techniques to make sure I am in control and ready to deal with anything. 

This 1-day course captures the elements of Neuro-Linguistic Programming that apply most to presenters, trainers and speakers.   

You will walk away with an understanding of:

  • The NLP Communication model
  • The learning styles of an audience 
  • How to successfully write and deliver a 60 second pitch
  • How to successfully write and deliver a killer key note speach
  • Breathing techniques 
  • How to overcome nerves
  • How to use body language effectively  


Open Courses:

This course is delivered on a Friday, in Hertford, UK.

The cost of this course is £250 per person

Corporate Courses:

This is a 1-day, course, delivered on-site, on any weekday to suit your business needs.

The cost of this is £1000 per course (price is based on 4 people – discounts available for additional bookings)

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